90s Selvedge "Big E" Levis 501 26W

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Very rare 1990s vintage selvedge "Big E" Levis 501. Selvedge refers to the type of loom that these jeans were produced on. It creates some of the highest quality denim out there. The shuttle looms that weave selvedge denim can produce a denser weave than non-selvedge, especially when it comes to vintage denim. Incredible fade on these beauties. Hard to find this size. One-of-a-kind.


  • 80s selvedge 501. Very rare
  • Big E
  • Amazing fade and webbing 
  • 100% delicious, well-worn, vintage cotton denim
  • Great condition 


Waist: 26”
Hip: 46”
Front rise: 10.5”
Inseam: 27”

100% cotton.
We encourage you to spot clean and spray with a mixture of lavender (or any other antimicrobial essential oil) and water while the garment is inside-out for a refresh. Washing less helps to extend the life of your garment. 
When necessary wash in cold water and hang dry.  

Vintage/second-hand items may come with minor flaws due to pre-loved wear. Plant dyed items are all dyed by hand; saturation dye patterns tend to not be uniform (which is a characteristic that we LOVE). Please enjoy and appreciate this item with its unique character. Vintage items are FINAL SALE. We want you to be happy with your one-of-a-kind piece, so please email thefuturepaststudio@gmail.com for any questions regarding fit or condition.